Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mr. mary poppins.

Joy and more joy! I will be leaving here shortly to go to my sister's house to help out with the kids. She is not feeling well and had to come home from the shop (she does hair!) early and wasn't sure if I should come but I told her it would be best for her to just REST and let me handle the household! Poor dear needs a BREAK. So I am off to play Mr. Mary Poppins and really happy about it. My heart is leaping with excitement. The kids even called earlier all excited wondering if I was coming.

Mr. Mary Poppins Agenda:
- Homework help!
- Introduction to avocado smoothies. The kids are going to LOVE my raw avocado smoothies. Next time I will introduce them to adding their favorite greens in but first I want them to enjoy the taste of the base (coconut water, raw honey and avocado power!). I will be doing a lot of raw food health education and live instructions/demos over there for smoothies, juices and raw food. This is a SWEET start ; D
-Clothing donations to my niece. I have a big bag of tanks ready for spring in her size!
-Acupressure/temple and scalp massage for my sister if her headache is still active. I use to do this for her ALL growing up and she LOVED it. She loved when I played with her hair! I realize how it's the pulling effect and pressure points. Clever kids.
-Tuck nephew into bed and read him Bible stories.

In the Mr. Mary Poppins Bag:
- LARGE bag of freshly picked organic greens from my garden: collards, kale, rosemary - all will be great for my sister if she is starting to catch something.
- Parsley and Garlic cloves for my sister - the number one cure all, especially if a cold is starting. My brother in law can also use with the greens. In the future I will show them how to make the best ever raw wraps with the collards... mmm...
- Smoothie ingredients: 2 coconuts, 1 ripe avocado, local raw honey
- The Children's Bible and Veggie Tales Bible Stories
- A piece of organic dried Kent mango for their dog. These are one of Dante's favorite raw treats!
- Bag of tank tops for Emma to go through.. my sister too if she'd like

I plan to keep things calm and orderly so my sister can actually REST. Originally she was suppose to be at work but is now home due to illness today. This seems to happen a lot. I would like to dedicate a night per week to coming over to help with the kids and give my brother in law a break while my sister works late at the shop. I generally am addicting at these hours but this is SO much worth changing that. Glory to God, amen! I'm feeling pumped and motivated and still can't get over how cute it was that my 8 year old nephew called me earlier "JOHNNY GUESS WHO THIS IS!!!??? ARE YOU COMING OVER TONIGHT!!!??? DID YOU GET MY EMAIL ADDRESS FROM EMMA YET!!!???"

My heart pounds for and with love.

This is Mr. Mary Poppins over and out!!!