Thursday, February 25, 2010

telling time.

there are 24 hours in a day.
there are 60 minutes in an hour.
do the math, 24 x 60 = 1, 440 minutes.
1, 440 minutes in a complete 24 hour day.

now stop and think to yourself how many of your daily minutes do you spare for God?

i would hope you find your answer acceptable. however, i also hope you feel you need to give Him more as there is always room to give more time to God yet people often fail to recognize this. people tend to prioritize "other things" over God and then make excused to validate their "other choices" when our first and foremost priority should be putting God first and everyone and everything second.

awhile back i came across this amazing website with like six pages of detailed tips on how to make more time for God. i am not going to link it yet, as much as i'd like to, only because i have been planning to read it on cam for a you tube series and want it to be a surprise gift for all my beloved viewers. right now i am encouraging myself to get to this project sometime soon because i know the message needs to be heard and will benefit many viewers - both in faith and those questioning or wanting faith and walk with God.

i've got my thinking cap on about my own time devotion to God and have decided to come up with some inner God goals in relation to the areas i would like to give more time to God!

top five:

- make tuesday evening church services a weekly/onging thing. if my mom can't drive me don't use it as an excuse not to go. get up and drive myself there. God will get me there safe.

- spend more time reading my Bible in silence and sacred space ... holding God's Word in my hands and connecting better than i can through computer audio and readings.

- i am heavy into prayer right now but i need to pray more on urges to addict as they arise. i start my day with power prayer but need to spend more time at night into power prayer too.

- get back into my thursday night same-age-Christian fellowship group. i really love this group. it's a great way to connect with other like minded Christians. i love the people in my assigned group, they are awesome. i love our Bible studies and discussions, circle power prayers, check ins, praise and worship before groups divide and the overall energy and diversity of the entire fellowship. i think atleast 80 people show up weekly, probably even more. it's awesome. i truly need more of this kind of interaction. i feel like less of an outsider when i am around other Christians who are Christ insiders - there is a lot less loneliness too.

- more ministry time which i leave in God's hands to guide me to each and every opportunity, big or small, to help me share The Good News! i recently heard on the Christian radio: God gives us substance to work with and we must work with that before asking for more... so basically we must complete what God is giving us as He gives it to us and then we should ask for more. we then have balance not overload!

in closing, a friend just wrote to me in relation to making time for God and said "i have not had time"... i wrote her reminding her that it's not about not having time (especially since we have all the time in the world) - it's about not making time. big difference. there can never be no time for God, i don't buy that line one bit! God doesn't either. so my special message to you my friends is that whatever that resistance is - whatever is pulling your from creating and prioritizing more time with God - that resistance is not of or from God, it's from the devil and his way of gripping you to keep you closer to him and the world and selfish desires that get prioritized over God. how sad and disrespectful is that? we are all doing it one way or another so let's consider changing this and help encourage one another to get with God more often! He's our 24 hour hotline, call Him up anytime!!! make daily dates with Jesus!!! get up, go out and let Him work in you, through you and with you!!! there are so many ways to connect with God, just do it!

O God, You are my God:
Early will I seek You... (Ps 63:1)

When I remember You on my bed,
I meditate on You in the night
watches. (Ps 63:6)

heart to heart: what are your God goals?