Monday, February 15, 2010

uncle johnny

"uncle johnny" i must take a moment to breathe, breathe in and digest my day, digest the fact that i am getting a family again: a sister and a brother in law with 2 beautiful children who call me "uncle johnny!" today my mom, the kids and i went to paint pottery and get to know one another better since we have not been part of one another's lives. if i could sum what i just experienced up in a few words i would say: pure joy. i honestly feel God has blessed me with this new opportunity 1. as a tool in my recovery and 2. as a gift in return for the work i have been doing for Him... He is filling in the missing pieces to my puzzle: recovery, health, identity, family, etc. i am still in shock. i still need to absorb the fact that i saw my sister after this long and she has changed for the best and was so pleasant to be around. i am hoping to go see her next week to start building our bond again. to be an uncle is an honor. children are a gift. i am blessed with a beautiful artistic, avocado, coconut and ballet loving niece and a spunky comedian of an 8 year old nephew who likes cheese pizza and wants me to read him the story of david and goliath. there are many things to relate to both kids! my sister and her family are catholic. i want to be a good figure to her children and will never try to convert their religion as i feel we all deserve the right to our own beliefs. i will be open about my love for God and share whatever stories and hope that i can. i was deeply touched when little andrew, my nephew, asked me how miracles happen and also when my niece, emma, told me she wants to volunteer at her church with the kids during sunday school! it was also heart warming to see my sister and mother interact, as well as the kids and my mom. i am so excited to form a relationship my sister and her family again. i feel we all have a lot to offer one another and most of all true genuine love. i see great things happening. i see healing and more effort in recovery. i see God giving me what He feels i deserve: family and love, lots of it. i feel worthy. i must give God every bit of glory right now. thank You Lord. future plans ahead! ballets, plays, soccer, dance, crafts, outdoor adventures, movies, church, storytime, homework help, good clean God lovin' mentorship... a brother... an uncle... an honor to be. thank You Lord. thank You!