Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bed in a bag.

A few weeks ago I purchased this lovely bed in a bag set on sale from Brylane Home. I have a heavy fascination with bed in a bag sets. The idea, to me, is just brilliant. What is there not to love about a complete bedding set, packaged in a great big reusable bag (great for your old bedding) at one set price? Lately I have been loving this concept so much that I have been using bed in a bag analogies to help articulate my theories. Ha! My new set did not come with sheets. I had to buy them seperate. This was not a problem because I found the perfect sheet set on sale as well! Between my sheet set and comforter set I now have a new complete hook up for the most coziest bed ever. My sheets are a beautiful sage green, one of my favorites, and feel as soft as a teddy bear. Thank Heaven for microfleece. I had not experienced the coziness of this material for sheets until now. I paired them with my electric heating blanket and never want to leave my bed. One of my favorite things to do is honor myself with nap time. When I was younger I use to pretend my bed was a giant boat! As an adult I take great joy in stepping aboard my boat, heated and ready, and slipping my comfy covers all the way to my ears. Smile. I find it comforting like the warmth of the womb and I can quiet my mind so it can naturally unravel and travel a sea of dreams surrounding me.

Psalm 4:8
8 "I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O LORD,
make me dwell in safety."

I use to decorate my bed with a bunch of pillows and stuffed animals. I have matured in ways and no longer like a complicated bed... complicated room... complicated anything really. I want the freedom to move around on my bed without feeling cluttered. A cluttered living space is a reflection of a cluttered life. I find simplicity to be a well appreciated necessity. I once read in a feng shui article that your bedroom should reflect exactly what it's meant to represent: a sacred sleeping space. I couldn't agree more.

On Sunday I started a bedroom makeover process where I removed all my vibrant colored kid's decorations and replaced them with more soul soothing sentiments like waterfalls, candles, one of my many lucky bamboo plants, my favorite window hanging monkeys and some religious pieces. One of my waterfalls plays sounds: birds, thunderstorm, windchimes, tropical rain forests and the like. Okay so I already had a few of these things out but really enjoy the changes I made. If you have ever seen my past bedrooms they have been like stepping into the play and dress room of a 5 year old drag queen. No kidding but no more! I have not let go of my old stuff but simply put it into storage and can take it out to touch and treasure when I feel the need to do so. Relaxing clean is the theme. Let's just say the last few nap and bedtimes have been Heaven to the head! bliss to the brain! meditation to the mind! It's amazing how little changes can make big differences. Change is rebirth. Rebirth invites new chapters. New chapters create space for new pages. That's life, a blank book... and with these blank books we are given the opportunity to fill our pages as we please. Life really is whatever you make of it. Your mentality, outlook, reactions to emotions and situations, etc. really do help make it complete - like a bed in a bag, it's all a package deal.

Heart to Heart: Your question to ask yourself is...

What can you do to make your bedroom your sacred space?