Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael W. Smith

If his picture hasn't caught your eye then his voice surely will. This is Michael W. Smith and he is one of my new favorite music artists.

I have been praying to God to lead me to some CLEAN CHRISTIAN music. I have given up a lot of music for God from old time underground dirty rap to loud, boisterous, screaming angry feminist riot grrrl music. I recently came across Michael's music and was deeply moved. I have heard some of his songs before but did not know who he was until I found him on You Tube.

I am HOOKED. What a beautiful and talented man of God! His lyrics linger, sounds soothe the soul and you can feel his love and dedication to God as he sings from the heart.

I am on his website now: and you can also keyword search his name on You Tube for amazing song videos! I am so making a playlist of him right now : )

Glory to God for blessing us all with special talents to share with the world.

Heart to Heart: Your question...

What talents has God blessed you with? Whatever they may be, embrace them! Give God glory!