Thursday, January 21, 2010

in heat and happy.

in heat and happy. today the last part of my new bedding investment came... my heated mattress pad! some of these inventions are just brilliant. now i have heat beneath me and on top of me (i sleep with a heated electric blanket and a heated pad on my belly). i was so excited to set it up today. my bed is my favorite escape during mealtimes. i can center here and do much better here. i am doing so well right now, making a ton of progress, rebuilding health and enjoying my lovely raw foods that are healing me. it's been six years now since going raw and i have seen so many remarkable changes happen which is why it has been a crucial aspect of my recovery. i often wonder if others also feel God's love penetrating in the precious plants and trees that supply real food for us to thrive on. everything changes when you go raw, i don't know one true raw foodist that doesn't agree with that statement. there is an abundance of energy & clarity gained when taking in life force. how grateful we must be for the soul factor that these plants are surrounding their life to give us life. before i went raw i would of never even considered making a statement like that and probably would of giggled at it but now things are different. i have more appreciation for the earth than ever before. glory to God for providing in abundance. one of my greatest pleasures is organic gardening. i love being able to grow my own food with my own two hands and gather my raw rewards season by season. how wonderful it is to be able to step outside, barefoot, in the dirt and carefully pick my presents! dirty earth on my feed, under my nails, a snip here and a snip there and before you know it a meal at hand! yard snacking after the rain is the best ever. i love how fast things shoot up just after it's rained. it's almost like God sprinkling miracle grow in the form of holy Heavenly water. i give gratitude to God when He waters my garden for me! --- i am here now, finishing a divine bowl of nutrient and calorie dense raw soup, power packed with micronutrients my body will digest, absorb and thank me for. i am in bed, in heat and happy with all my electric bed inventions on high in my favorite green fitted t-shirt and green candy stripe boy briefs. times like this? priceless.

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what are some of your most cherished moments?

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